It is our intent to create pleasing and lasting landscapes, and develop long lasting business relationships. Given the fact that we are dealing with a live product, and the dynamic nature of the types of work and materials we use, it is important to establish guidelines of responsibility. Clear understanding and communication is essential on the subject of warranty. We want to guarantee your happiness with our services. To do this we give you the following limited warranty, (unless other arrangements are made):

Proper installation of healthy, pest free plant material, grown to American Nursery Standards specified size.

Trees, shrubs , hardy groundcover and perennials to survive for a period of (1) year following Installation.

Plant material may decline slightly after being transplanted and installed, and it may take a little time for the plant to rebound and flourish. Some types of plants take longer to establish than others. We reserve the right to judge how long a period is necessary before replacement when it is at our cost. Replacement of the plant is done only once. In the rare instance that the plant needs to be replaced a second time, the cost is borne by the customer, with a new warranty. An attempt will be made to make the replacement in a timely manner. Given the fact that most warranty replacements are done in the Spring and Fall, we ask for your patience as this is also the busiest time for new landscape installations. If you have any questions or concerns after the installation, please call us.

The following items are exclusions and not covered under the warranty:

1. Damage due to neglect (lack of watering) or vandalism.
2. Damage due to drought or uncommon severe weather conditions in any season.
– (Examples: high winds, extreme temperature drops )
3. Damage due to poor drainage conditions and over watering
4. Pest infestations / damage by insects, fungi, virus, deer, pets, etc .
5. Damage resulting from imposed water restrictions.
6. Your account must be paid in full to receive a warranty.

Watering guidelines for an average summer.

  • 2 to 3 times per week then once per week thereafter.
  • 3 gallons clean water per diameter inch for trees
  • 2 gallons clean water per shrub
  • Your responsibility:

  • Keep 2-4 inches of mulch over the plants root zone.
  • Fertilize with 5-10-5 lightly late fall / early spring.
  • Check guy wires regularly to be sure they don’t get too tight.
  • Remove guy wires after one year.
  • If you have any questions or problems please call as soon as possible. It could mean the difference between saving a plant or letting it die.


    Grass seed is very dependable when conditions are properly met. Unless other arrangements are made, we guarantee the following:

    – application of certified high quality seed at recommended rate, fertilizer, fiber mulch and straw layer to finish

    The first 4-6 weeks are most critical for the establishment of turf. Proper watering is essential. The top 1″ plus layer of soil must be kept moist. Do not water to the point of runoff, as this will loosen the seed \ mulch coating and erode it. There is no exact time formula to accomplish the above. Just keep it damp, and the seed will do the rest. Depending on conditions, the seed should germinate in 1-2 weeks. The initial cutting should be when the grass is 4″ tall. Your fertilization program can begin the same time as the first mowing.

    We are not responsible for:

    – improper watering.

    – any act of nature or others resulting in damage.

    – unsuitable soil or drainage conditions created by others.

    – weed seed germination , which is already present in the soil.

    Rarely does lawn establishment fail if these guidelines are followed.

    We will be eager to answer any questions and help where we can to ensure the best result for your new landscape planting and lawn.