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Noble Foundation Image Gallery links for herbaceous and woody plants:

Purdue University Plant & Pest Diagnostic Laboratory:

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina -

Images of woody landscape plants: leaves, twigs, flowers, habit of growth.

UGA/USDA Forestry Image Site

New Jersey Agricultural Weed Gallery

Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group's Vascular Plant Image Gallery



ORTHO Bug Finder

The University of Georgia

Virginia Tech Insect Identification Laboratory:

Texas A&M Bioinformatics Working Group's Grass Images

Iowa State Entomology Index: Images

Tree fruit pests at the Mid-Atlajitic Fruit Loop

The Virtual Insectary!

University of California, Pest Management -

Va Cooperative Extension - Publications



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Dig all Summer...Sell all Summer...Transplant all Summer
What is Bio-Plex® ?

Bio-Plex® Concentrate is a liquid biostimulant complex of plant vitamins, hormones, amino acids, nutrient chelators, plant growth regulators, "root-specific" growth stimulators, and micro-nutrients, formulated with a "state of the art" non-phytotoxic tissue and soil penetrant.
This unique concentrated organic complex has multiple beneficial uses within the nursery industry. Applied according to label, Bio-Plex® Concentrate exhibits extreme plant STRESS REDUCTION properties, as well as numerous ROOT SPECIFIC properties influencing aggressive root development and plant root establishment.

Why use Bio-Plex®?
. . . "Naturally" Eliminates Plant Stress, Decreases Plant Mortality
. . . Trees Experience Little Wilt & Flagging, Quicker Re-Rooting
. . . Increases Summer Digging Success by 500-900% or more
. . . Transplant Safe & Effectively in 85-95 F Plus
. . . Speeds Plant Maturity & Establishment
. . . Increases Plant Hardiness & Transplant Survival
. . . Dramatically Increases Plant "Root-Mass"
. . . Increases Plant Anti-oxidant Threshold
. . . "Naturally" Increases Moisture Retention in Plant Tissue & Roots