Discount Program

Discount Program

The discount program is for our customers that purchased and received over $15,000 in plant material and pay their invoices within 30-day terms. Once approved, the discount to be received is based on the dollar volume of the plants purchased October 1st through September 30th of the preceding fiscal year.

Our discount structure is as follows:
Volume of Business Discount
$15,000-24,999 Lowest rate in catalog
$25,000-49,999 Lowest rate in catalog Less 5%
$50,000-up Lowest rate in catalog Less 10%

Once you are in the program you may obtain increasing discount levels by purchasing more during the year. This discount will apply to future invoicing. Freight and tax charges will not be counted towards your volume of business.

All specials and re-wholesaled plants will be sold at net pricing (no discounts), but will count toward your annual volume discount level.

Customer shall waive the right to participation in this program if payments are not made within terms.

Prices may revert to the appropriate catalog prices on overdue accounts. A Credit Application must be filled out and approved if your company is going to be enrolled in this program