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December 3, 2018
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Just because the temperature is starting to drop doesn’t mean that you have to put your gardening plans on hold. Even if the weather isn’t going to allow you to plant all the flowers and vegetables you had in mind, there are a few select plants that actually thrive in colder weather. Between cold-weather loving plants and preparing for the spring, there are many reasons to visit your local garden centers or plant nurseries during the off-season. Here are just a few ways you can still focus on gardening during the winter and prepare for the warmer seasons.

  • Cold-weather vegetables: If you’re a vegetable gardener, winter can be an incredibly productive time for you. Many vegetables actually thrive in colder environments, with some actually having improved taste after frost. These include kale, spinach, broccoli, onions, and more. Check with your local garden center to see what vegetables work best for your growing conditions.
  • Decorative plants: While cold-weather flowers aren’t as common as cold-weather vegetables, there are still plenty of beautiful plants to decorate your garden with during the cold season. Look for annuals that are capable of growing in colder growing conditions or perennials that will last from the end of winter into early spring. Make sure you know your growing zone; if you’re not sure, talk to experts at your local garden center to make sure you buy plants that will grow well in your environment.
  • Plan for springtime: The secret to a strong garden is plenty of planning ahead of time. If you don’t want to garden in the winter, take time to pick out plants that will grow well in your environment come spring; figure out your soil type and what plants will grow best in it. Sketch out your yard, if you can, and figure out exact placement for your future plants and garden. Knowing how you’re setting it up in advance will make planting go much faster come springtime, and could even help you save money and energy. Properly selected and placed plants can lower home heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%.
  • Update your lawn: Of course, after winter, it’s important to do regular lawn maintenance to make sure your lawn looks as healthy as ever, but if you’re in the mood for a larger project, why not start from scratch? Reseeding your lawn or sectioning off a space for a new garden could be the update your yard needs.

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