Top Landscaping Tips For Shady Yards

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landscape designSurveys have found that around 75% of Americans feel it’s important to spend time outside in their yards. But if your back yard garden is covered in shade, it can make it hard for anything to grow — and no one likes a barren lawn! If you’re struggling to make your shady backyard thrive, you’ll want to follow these tips when creating your landscape design.

  • Pick the right plants
    For shady spots, you need to be very particular about what you plant. You also need to identify what kind of shade you’re dealing with before you choose. Dappled all-day shade is very different from a few hours of shade in the morning or evening! Once you determine the type of shade your yard has, you can choose plants that work well for those conditions. Hostas, ivy, foxgloves, hydrangeas, bleeding hearts, and gardenias often do well in shady areas. Be sure to consult a professional about which types of flora will look and fare best as part of your unique landscape design.
  • Embrace hardscaping elements
    There may be certain areas of your yard that can be quite tough for even shade-loving plants. Areas that are almost always in shadow or have a lot of tree roots may prove to be a huge challenge. But there are tons of ways to bring variety and beauty into your garden that don’t require as much care. Decorative rocks, trellises, steps, water features, sculptures, and retaining walls can add visual interest and even allow you to bring in fish or birds for extra color and excitement. For spots that make it impossible for plants to grow, don’t shy away from hardscaping and other artistic touches.
  • Help the soil
    If trimming back trees isn’t an option (or simply doesn’t help enough), your plants may benefit from added soil nutrients to compensate for less light. You might also want to consider adding mulch or compost to your garden throughout the season. Not only will it boost the health of your plants but it will keep your soil healthy, too. Professional landscaping companies can also help you figure out what kind of soil you’re dealing with and what you can do to make it better.

There’s no doubt that creating a fantastic landscape design can boost your curb appeal, thus adding to the value of your home. But by making improvements to your shady backyard, your family will be better able to enjoy your property’s natural beauty for many seasons to come.

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