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September 5, 2018
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Every homeowner wants a lush, green lawn — but that’s not the only thing that goes into an amazing landscaping project. If your yard looks a little barren or boring, you may be lacking the color, depth, and vitality that better plant selection can provide. The more you know about the different types of plants available to you, the better your choices will be for your backyard garden and other outdoor spaces. In today’s post, you’ll learn some useful information about the different categories of plants for sale at your local nursery. This may help you to decide which types of plants to include in your property’s landscaping.



Trees can add privacy, visual interest, and shade to any yard. Properly selected and placed plants can lower home energy costs by as much as 20%, but trees tend to provide the biggest payoff here due to their ability to block out the sun. And because their appearance changes with the seasons, you’ll be able to enjoy their beauty for most of the year.


Keep in mind that when you visit your nursery for wholesale plants, there’ll be several different types of trees to choose from. There are flowering trees, fruit trees, trees that produce fall foliage, evergreen trees, dwarf trees, and trees that grow quickly or slowly. Do your research and decide on a tree that really fits your needs and desires for your garden. You’ll also want to work with landscapers or arborists to ensure the place you choose for planting will suit the tree’s needs and desires.



Shrubs can be a great way to separate a space, line a walkway, or add vibrancy. There are many different kinds of shrubs to choose from; typically, the type you end up choosing will largely depend on its intended use. If you want something bold and colorful, you may want a flowering shrub. Evergreen shrubs are ideal for when you want some year-round freshness. There are also shrubs that change with the seasons or grow more quickly than other varieties. Your local landscapers can be a great resource if you’re unsure of what kinds of shrubs you want to incorporate into your yard design.



When you plant flowers in your yard, you can go with either perennials or annuals. Perennials come up every year on their own, while annuals need to be replanted on a yearly basis. Perennials are generally a bit lower maintenance, but be aware that all flowers do require your attention to thrive. When making flower selections, keep in mind the amount of sun or shade they need, whether they’re drought-tolerant, how long they bloom, and whether they might attract wildlife. You may also want to consider whether they’re native to the area. Steer clear of invasive species, in general. If you visit your local nursery looking for plants for sale, you should be able to find out this information quite easily — but if you aren’t sure which flowers will look good together or will work well in a specific spot, consult your landscaping company.



While there are many vines that are considered to be invasive, they can look beautiful climbing up the side of a home or over a trellis. If you do decide to use them in your landscaping, you may have to be a bit more diligent about making sure they don’t spread to certain areas of your yard. You can use vines as ground cover, on fences or walls, in hanging baskets, and even for erosion control. Whether you love ivy or are a fan of flowering vines, they can be used to beautify several spaces in your yard.


When you want to add more dimension and interest to your green space, you should get to know the plants for sale at your local nursery. Your landscaping professionals can help you choose the plants for sale that will work best in each spot and will bring your garden to life as a result.

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