How to Keep Your Kids Safe from Poisonous Plants and Pesticides This Spring

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As the snow begins to melt, the blooming spring season brings ample opportunities for families to play together outdoors. Unfortunately, outdoor play also poses dangers for children in terms of exposure to poisonous plants and pesticides. According to the National Capital Poison Center, children younger than six comprise a disproportionate percentage of poisoning cases, including nearly half of all poison exposures, though poisoning affects all age groups from infants to seniors. The highest incidence of poisoning occurred in one- and two-year-olds.

In 2014, pesticides and plants were among the top 10 leading causes of poisoning in children younger than six years, accounting for nearly 6 percent of poisoning cases, while bites and stings accounted for 0.5 percent of poisoning cases among the same age group. Additionally, 2.5 percent of poisoning fatalities in children younger than six years from 2010-2014 were due to pesticides, making them one of the more dangerous causes of poisoning in children.

Parents and caretakers need to be informed about the dangers of poisonous plants and pesticides to keep children safe. Many poisonings by plants and pesticides can be prevented by parents who know what to keep out of their yards and by teaching children what to avoid.

To view the full guide detailing how to keep your kids safe from poisonous plants and pesticides, click here.

What You’ll Find in This Guide:

  • Types of Poisonous Plants
  • How to Prevent Poisoning from Plants
  • What to Do If Your Child Touches or Eats a Poisonous Plant
  • Pesticide Safety
  • Resources for Preventing Poisoning by Plants and Pesticides

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