Landscape Equipment Spring Maintenance Checklist

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Whether you’re a major landscape company or a homeowner, spring brings rebirth and regrowth. In order to manage this regrowth and rebirth, though, you need to make sure all of your landscaping equipment is in complete working order.

The following checklist will help you determine if you’re landscaping equipment is ready, needs repairs or needs to be replaced.

  • Check to make sure oil and gas are at the proper levels.
  • Inspect air filters. As the barrier between the engine and nature, a clean air filter will ensure no dirt or debris gets into the engine to cause problems.
  • Lubricate any bearings or parts that need to move. This will keep machines from seizing.
  • Examine any battery connections for equipment that uses an electric start.
  • Examine pull cords for equipment that requires a manual start.
  • Check all cutting blades. Inspect for sharpness, as well as sturdiness to ensure blades do not fall off or cause damage.
  • Inspect safety guards and covers.
  • Check tire pressure on all equipment and trailers that will be used to transport equipment.
  • Assess the condition of all belts for wear and use.
  • Start all equipment and let run for a few minutes prior to first real use.

Inspecting equipment prior to using it can save you time and money. For landscape companies, making repairs on the job can waste valuable time and following these maintenance tips can catch problems before you get to the job.

Spring is a time for celebration, but faulty lawn equipment can put a damper on that sentiment quickly, especially if you are forced into costly repairs and buying new equipment. Take the time to give your equipment a thorough inspection using the checklist above before using it this spring.

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