Figuring Out Which Fountain Floats Your Boat: Picking Out a Lawn Fountain

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June 26, 2018
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You love the idea of getting a water fountain for your lawn, but you don’t know which one to get. To draw in those birds and add a sophisticated flair to your lawn, consider these fountain options.

Wall Fountain
This is a perfect option if you want your water fountain to be a feature of your garden but not the focal point; a great space saver, simply install this fountain against a wall for a simple addition that doesn’t take up too much room.

Tiered Fountain
Also known as a cascading fountain, this type of water feature has elegant levels, or tiers, between the top and base. You’ll usually see fountains like this at plazas or large courtyards. The water pools at each level, making this fountain a little louder, but incredibly aesthetically pleasing, especially in a larger garden.

Disappearing Fountain
This modern fountain is also known as a pondless fountain — instead of water collecting in a pool at the base, this fountain’s water “disappears” into a reservoir hidden beneath rocks at the base of these fountains. This is a great option for families with small children and pets that could get hurt in a traditional pool fountain.

Play around with different rock styles and patterns to place at the base of this fountain. The versatility makes this a great value for any backyard garden.

Spouting Fountain
Just as the name implies, this type of fountain spouts water from a pipe in the fountain. It can spray upward to create a fine mist, or it can spout in a jet-like feature, as though it was being poured.

This is also a popular option for statue fountains. This burst of energy from a spouting fountain can make your garden feel more lively and increase the curb appeal if it’s located in the front of your home.

All of these fountains are great additions to any landscape design. Pair your fountains with beautiful plants and local plant-life to ensure your garden thrives. Most homeowners — over 90% — are including native plants to their landscape design. This form of sustainable landscaping will offer you a hardier lawn to complement your new fountain as you upgrade your landscape.

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