Expert Landscaping Tips To Help Sell Your Home FAST!

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September 11, 2017
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professional landscapingCurb appeal: it’s an all-important concept for homeowners. It’s often what makes potential buyers walk in the front door and what allows sellers to fetch a better price for their property. It’s no wonder that 97% of real estate agents recommend landscaping as one of the top five home improvement projects. These agents say that, when done correctly, homeowners can expect a 215% return on investment on landscaping alone. That’s why so many people turn to professional landscaping companies. But while having an experienced professional is a real asset, do you know how to recognize the most worthwhile landscaping projects? Do you know the big ticket areas that will allow you to get more bang for your buck (or buck for your bang, in a seller’s case)? We’re sharing a few of our favorite professional landscaping tips that will likely allow you to sell your home more quickly and for more money.

  • Trim your trees
    Your tree and shrub maintenance-pruning needs should be at the top of your list. If no one can clearly see the exterior of your home due to overgrown branches, no one’s going to want to walk through the front door. While you may like the privacy, trimming and shaping your trees and shrubs will allow potential buyers to truly appreciate your property. Instead of hiding your home, you can showcase it at its best. Clear out any dead or overgrown branches and shape your shrubs in an attractive way.
  • Add mulch
    If you have flower beds in your front lawn or back yard garden, you can make these blooms pop (and help them thrive!) by focusing on your mulching. And because it’s fairly inexpensive and easy to DIY, you won’t have to rely on a professional landscaping company to do this. However, you may want to consult them about the type of mulch you use before adding it, as different climates call for different types of soil additives.
  • Clean up water features
    Got bird baths, fountains, or waterfalls? You’ll want to attend to these features and make sure they look fresh and clean. Clean out the filters, remove algae and leaves, and address any water issues. While a water feature can be a real plus, it can be a turn-off for buyers if it’s poorly maintained.
  • Use color
    You’ll want your property to stand out for all the right reasons. Some pops of seasonal color can really do the trick. Annuals can be quite affordable and you can easily incorporate bold choices or color schemes to complement your home’s style. Your landscaper can advise you on which plants will look great in your garden and can serve as a selling point to buyers.

Bad landscaping can make buyers run the other way, while fantastic green spaces act as a real asset. Great landscaping probably won’t be the deciding feature in a buyer’s mind, but it can certainly get them excited about the idea of living in your home. If you want to sell your home quickly, don’t forget to address these important landscaping tips that’ll make your property look its best.

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