Autumnal Curb Appeal Ideas That’ll Make Everyone ‘Fall’ In Love With Your Home

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Now that September has begun, many homeowners are looking ahead to all the fall maintenance tasks on their to-do list. And if you’re planning on listing your home on the real estate market this season, you’ll need to really tackle these duties with aplomb — including your landscaping projects. Since 97% of real estate agents recommend landscaping design as a top-five home improvement recommendation — and one that can offer a 215% return on investment — it’s essential that you attempt to add value with landscaping. But in the autumn, that’s not always easy to do. Or at least you might not think it is. In reality, there are a lot of landscaping ideas that can boost your curb appeal in the fall. Here are just five of them.

Add Some Vibrant Plants

Your favorite flowers may no longer be in bloom, but that doesn’t mean your yard has to be completely devoid of color. You can plant some beautiful chrysanthemums in your flower beds along with some celosia, heliopsis (known as “fake sunflowers”), Russian sage, pansies, or dahlias. Fill in any sparse spots with greenery or ornamental grasses and be sure to freshen your mulch, if need be. While the temperatures might not be as hot in fall, you’ll want to follow watering recommendations until the season’s end. No one wants to walk into an open house event when there are dead flowers in the front yard.

Give Your Door a Makeover

Your home’s front door can say a lot about the property. It needs to be warm and welcoming in order to attract buyers. Investing in a fresh coat of paint and a hanging wreath may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised by the impact they can have. You might also consider cleaning up the trim, buying some new house numbers, or even switching out the hardware to boost your curb appeal. If it’s time to purchase a whole new front door, you could make that switch now — but if a replacement isn’t necessary, a DIY project can make a huge difference.

Let There Be Light

In the fall, there are fewer daylight hours to enjoy. That means it’s important to light up your property to attract buyers and ensure their safety. Add some exterior lights along pathways and stairs, as well as on your porch or around all entryways. You’ll likely want to use a combination of decorative lamps and flood lights to achieve a balance of beauty and safety. Solar lights can also be a good option if you don’t want to add to your energy bills!

Clean It Up

Having a lack of landscaping is bad enough, but it’s even worse if your property is in a state of disrepair. In order to support your existing or additional curb appeal, you’ll need to tackle some major home and garden maintenance. That means cleaning out your gutters, painting your trim, repairing any damage, and addressing bare spots on your lawn. While the fall foliage may be nice to look at, remember that the colorful leaves on your property’s trees will soon fall to the ground. Between the barren branches and the messy lawn, buyers wouldn’t give your home a second glance. Stay on top of these tasks to ensure your home looks its best throughout the fall.

Keep Things Simple

If you love to decorate your porch with a leaf motif or can’t wait to bring out the Halloween decorations, you might not like what we have to say next. But if you want to convince a new family to buy your home, you can’t go crazy with the seasonal decor. A subtle approach is absolutely fine and can make your house seem more homey. But going overboard with witches, scarecrows, and inflatable monsters will literally make potential buyers run away with fright. A few pumpkins on the porch or a seasonal flag won’t hurt, but remember to use a deft, sophisticated hand.

With these curb appeal ideas in mind, potential buyers will be sure to “fall” in love with your home this season. To learn how our landscapers can help, contact us today.

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