All About Trellises: How to Use This Feature in Your Yard

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July 10, 2018
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If you’re looking for a way to define an outdoor space or make your garden look a little more special, you might be inclined to work on expansive projects with your landscapers to build walls or plant new flower varieties in a frenzy. While these can certainly be effective endeavors, the reality is that small installations can be just as impactful. Take trellises, for instance. They don’t require a lot of backbreaking labor or financial investment, yet they can bring a space together beautifully and add some much-needed visual interest to a given property. Today’s post will discuss the trellis and how you can use this element in unique ways in your own yard.

What is a trellis, anyway?

Simply put, a trellis is a structure consisting of cross-hatched framework that typically encourages the growth of plants along and up its sides. Sometimes referred to as arbors, trellises are usually made of an open “weave” of materials (often metal or wood) to allow vines, trees, or flowering shrubs to become entwined with the latticework itself.

In addition, trellis may be used to define an entryway to a yard or garden, to provide shelter or a place to sit, as an accent piece, or even to provide privacy. Historically though, the trellis was considered to be a form of artwork installed in the outdoors.

Are there different types?

Yes! There are actually several kinds that range in size and shape. You may even decide you can incorporate more than one into your green space.

The most traditional type of trellis is the archway, which can welcome visitors into your front yard, backyard, or garden. Some of the world’s most famous and beloved gardens contain large trellises that create the illusion of flowers all around — even up in the sky.

In contrast, a flat trellis doesn’t arch over one’s head; instead, it encourages flowers to grow only up and down like screens. There are also trellis gates that work in a similar fashion. These can help to break up a large garden space or add some privacy in a truly aesthetically pleasing way. Although 85 million U.S. households have private lawns, a trellis can add a sense of solitude without actual walls.

In addition, you may find a trellis that comes in a unique shape. You might not even realize it’s a trellis at all, at first! These are typically smaller in size and can be found in fun varieties like obelisks, tripods, ladders, cages, and more. You can grow flowers within and along them.

What are some unique ways to use this feature?

If you love gardening and want a way to fuse flora and carpentry features together, a trellis is a great way to do it. You can add a gorgeous backdrop to your rose garden, create a focal point for a seating area, designate a spot for a backyard party, or design a patio that incorporates trellises. The sky is the limit (literally!). Don’t be afraid to work with your professional landscapers to come up with something truly spectacular and breathtaking.

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