5 Plants That’ll Provide More Privacy On Your Property

December 15, 2017
Shrubs: How To Use Them Effectively
January 12, 2018

wholesale shrubsIf you do a lot of entertaining or simply want some peace and quiet, having a home that feels private is probably important to you. But living in close proximity to your neighbors may make seclusion seem like a pipe dream. Fortunately, there are ways to incorporate certain plants into your professional landscaping to create separation where none existed before. To that end, here are five different plants for sale that can make your yard seem a lot more hidden than it actually is.

  1. Golden Or Emerald Arborvitae: Depending on how much height you need, a variety of arborvitae may fit the bill. Berckman’s Golden Arborvitae grows to a height of about five feet, and its golden color looks beautiful no matter the season. It’s densely branched and doesn’t require pruning. Emerald Green Arborvitae, on the other hand, can grow to be 12 to 15 feet tall. Both of these wholesale shrubs are good choices for privacy year round, since they are truly evergreen (or yellow, as the case may be).
  2. Clematis: If you have a walkway, arbor, gate, or fence, you can create even more privacy by adding in some flowering vines. Clematis are one of the best, as its large flowers look gorgeous and provide quite a shield. Keep in mind that they should be grown in cool soil but need ample sunlight to thrive, so they aren’t an appropriate choice for shady locations in your yard. They also take quite a while to mature, so if you need privacy fast, choose more mature plants.
  3. Cherry Laurel: Many plants can actually lower your energy bills by as much as 20% if they’re placed correctly. In addition to helping you reduce your carbon footprint, a cherry laurel plant can be a great aesthetic choice. Known as a small tree or evergreen shrub, some cherry laurels can grow to be 15 to 36 feet tall. While other cherry laurels such as the Otto Luyken can only grow to be 4′ tall. Plus, it has beautiful white flowers in the spring, adding to your property’s attractiveness. Cherry laurel is best planted in the fall, so contact your landscaping company ahead of time for next year.
  4. Boxwood: One of the best things about these kinds of wholesale shrubs is how versatile they are. Boxwood can be easily shaped and help you define specific spaces in your garden. They’re also incredibly easy to grow and take care of. And as any gardener will tell you, they smell absolutely amazing. There are all sorts of different varieties, from hardy hedges to little statement shrubs, so work with your landscaper to find the right one for your needs.
  5. French Lilac: Although there are hundreds of lilac varieties, all with different looks and hues, many can provide the privacy you’re looking for. Lilacs spread slowly, but they can reach heights of eight to 15 feet and can also be quite wide as they mature. Of course, one of the best parts about the lilac is how fantastic they smell. They are hardy and easy to grow, and they also attract butterflies! Just make sure that your soil’s pH levels are well-suited to lilac shrubs before planting.

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