3 Simple Things to Keep in Mind with Your Next Landscaping Project

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landscape architects

Landscaping can be a hassle and can feel impossible if put off for too long, but there are many reasons and ways to tackle your next landscaping project. If you’re considering selling your home at any point in the somewhat near future, then landscaping is a great way to boost your home’s appraisal. Almost 90% of real-estate agents urge homeowners to consider landscaping before selling their homes. So with that in mind, here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Hide the Eyesores

If you’re looking to create a aesthetically pleasing space, then hiding those large and protruding eyesores is the first step. Things like the bulky air conditioning unit or never ending garden hose can be covered with crafty enclosures. Trash cans can be put out of site with a beautiful privacy screen or trash enclosure. If attempting to create something yourself is intimidating, consider contacting local landscape architects to help design something that’s right for your home.


Add Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is a great way to add that wow-factor to your outdoor space. There are multiple different types of outdoor lighting that can be used in different styles. While some homeowners choose to put the time in, you can always use landscape architects to help you really nail the perfect lighting set up for your home.

  • Flood lighting is directed towards a focal point of some sort, like a fountain or a beautiful stand alone tree.
  • Downlighting is when you place the light source high up and shine it downwards, which is great for tree lighting.
  • Bullet Lighting is great for focusing on the edges of your home.
  • Wash is a softer light that sort of bathes the object in a light glow.
  • Garden lights are great for illuminating pathways through a garden or simply highlighting key points.


Update Your Garden

Gardens are a great way to bring in a natural beauty to any outdoor space, even if it’s just a few plants. If you have a garden already, consider pulling out any dead or overgrown plants and adding new fresh ones. It’s also not a bad idea to lay down some fresh mulch, which can come in a variety of styles and colors. You can spread the mulch over the top of the existing soil, but make sure to add the right depth for your plants and type of mulch.

Whether you’re putting in the work because you want a great new space, or because you just want to the give your home that extra value, the right landscaping can really make a difference. If you don’t have the time or your project is just too big, there are many local landscape architects that can help you turn your space into your perfect dream yard. 

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