About Us

Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc. is not only a quality Wholesale Nursery,

But also a Premier Landscape Contractor.

What does a landscape designed and installed by Waynesboro Nurseries, Incorporated look like? What adjectives would best describe its appearance? Its effect on the property?

Lush with color? Rich with texture? Mature? Professional?


Well, there is a reason for all this. You see, Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc. has been here in Central Virginia for a long time. We’ve been designing and installing landscapes for homeowners and businesses since 1934.

We’ve had plenty of practice at working together to meet customer needs quietly, efficiently, and effectively.


First, our design team helps you decide what you want to achieve with your landscape garden. They provide plenty of ideas for hardscape features, from custom-built steps, walls and waterfalls, to charming, comfortable patios and footpaths, to help you better enjoy your outdoor living space.

Next, your Landscape Architect or designer will help you choose the plant material to best embellish your garden. We have over 1,200 acres planted in top quality nursery stock. And we would be more than happy to take you on a tour of our farms, so that you can select the very plants that will be planted in your garden.


After our design staff has taken you through the design process and plant se-lection, the landscape construction team begins the installation of the design. They work closely with the design people each day, to assure that they complete the project precisely as you had it in your mind.


Finally, after the job is done, we will make certain that all phases of the project stand the test of time. You see, as the landscapers Charlottesville trusts, we guarantee everything we do.

If, for instance, a patio stone washes loose because it wasn’t set just right, then we will be happy to fix the problem at no cost to you. If a plant should need to be replaced within the first year of project completion, we will do so without charge.

How does Waynesboro Nurseries, Inc. plan and plant a landscape? Effectively, with time and care.

And how does that project look? Large or small, commercial or residential, it looks rich, lush, and mature. Just as though it had been done by a team of professionals with years of experience.